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Recovery Type
Total Incl VAT
Basic Recovery - Under 500GB
Basic Recovery - 500GB and larger

LVC uses the most advanced data recovery equipment available. We can detect hard disk drives on a manufacturers level. We can recover data from hard disk drives that cannot be read using conventional computer systems. This recovery type normally takes 2 - 3 days to complete The client can collect the Hard Disk Drive once the recovery is complete

Mechanical Recovery - Under 500GB
Mechanical Recovery -500GB and Larger

If a hard disk drive cannot be detected with our advanced data recovery systems, the recovery fall under the mechanical recovery category. For this type of recovery we use our in house Class 100 Clean Room facility This type of recovery normally involves sourcing parts from an identical working "donor" hard disk drive. At LVC we have over 6,500 hard disk drives in stock however there are situations where a specific hard disk drive is not available. LVC will then try to source the hdd, once found a non refundable deposit may be required. Once the recovery is complete the "patient" and the "donor" drives are unusable. This recovery type normally takes 3 - 5 days to complete - We will not be able to return the faulty hard disk drive.

Mechanical Recovery - Drive Spindle Malfunction
Basic Recovery Flash Drive
Mechanical Recovery Flash Drive
RAID Recoveries

Includes Servers - RAID 0, 1, 5, and 5E & SAS or SCSI Hard Disk Drives. LVC has the expertise to recover the data from your RAID set. Due to the great variety of RAID sets in the field we have to assess the RAID volume before we can provide an accurate quotation. In some cases a non-refundable of R 3000.00 excl Vat may be asked. The client can collect the Hard Disk Drives once the recovery is complete

Priority Recoveries

LVC facilitates priority / emergency recoveries. This service is available when the data needs to be recovered as soon as possible and when the recovery time is crucial. The priority change is a fixed, non refundable deposit charged for overtime hours worked by LVC's engineers to ensure their clients data is recovered in the shortest possible time.

Operating System Re-installation
Virus Removal
Advance Report on Job Service
Computer & General support

Please Note:

Prices does NOT include: Destination media or hard drive repair.

We do not repair or sell secondhand hard disk drives.

The prices above does not include SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) or SCSI hard disk drives. These drives will be treated as RAID Hard Disk Drives and quoted accordingly. Pricing also does not include VMWare & VMFS File Systems.

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