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Terms and Conditions


The CLIENT acknowledges that he/she is the legal owner, representative, or otherwise have the legitimate rights to the property and all data contained therein sent to LVC.


The CLIENT authorizes LVC to conduct an evaluation of the media to determine the nature of the damage and/or data loss and to provide a quotation for the recovery there of, including time of completion and estimated success rate. As part of the evaluation process the hard disk drive could be opened by LVC thus voiding the original manufacturers warrantee. The evaluation is free and no work will be charged or done without written CLIENT approval.


The CLIENT acknowledges that the data and/or equipment is already damaged or the data lost and that any effort by LVC to analyze and recover data, may result in further damage to the equipment and/or data. LVC shall not be held liable for any claims regarding the physical functioning of the equipment and/or media or the condition or existence of data storage media supplied before, during or after service. LVC will further not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, including loss of data, loss of revenue, incidental or consequential, before, during or after service.

Due to the architecture of the hard disk drive unit it may at times be impossible to determine the state of the platter surfaces prior to a recovery attempt. Possible success rates and recovery times given could be an educated guess by LVC technicians and LVC will not be bound by it.


LVC agrees to maintain strict CLIENT confidentiality. All information, data and equipment handed over or recovered by LVC shall be deemed confidential and proprietary to our CLIENT's and shall not be disclosed to any third parties in any manner. Data media and recovered data are handled only by designated and authorized personnel appointed by the management of LVC.


(Any data storage medium used to place recovered data.)
Destination Media supplied by LVC carries the original manufacturers warrantee. LVC will not be responsible for data lost due to failure of destination media after 4 working days from collection. The client is responsible to backup and secure his/her data within the 4 day period. LVC allows the CLIENT to supply destination media. LVC will not be held liable for damage to destination media or data lost thereon. LVC will not place recovered data onto media, data was recovered from.


Terms of sale are Cash or electronic funds transfer (EFT) ONLY. Cheques and Cheque Deposits will NOT be accepted. The CLIENT is responsible to provide “proof of payment” to LVC prior to or during the collection of data. All prices quoted exclude 14% VAT, postage or shipping fees. No recovered data or part thereof will be released until the CLIENT’s account has been settled in full. It is the CLIENTS responsibility to view and confirm that data recovered is complete and in a usable state. No refunds will be made once the CLIENT has accepted the recovered data as correct. Should a situation arise were CLIENT data was only partially recovered The CLIENT decides if data that was partially recovered is acceptable or not.

Once a data recovery quotation has been accepted, cancellations will not be accepted and the CLIENT will be responsible to settle the account in full.


Should LVC not be able to recover any data for the CLIENT, the CLIENT will not be invoiced. In the case of a server or RAID recovery, this may not apply due to technically difficult and labour intensive process of analyses. This will be discussed with the CLIENT per case and an agreement reached.


Hard disk drives that failed mechanically(in such a manner that the hard disk drives need physical repairs or custom software repairs to get the hard drive into a state where recovery is possible) and successfully recovered by LVC will not be returned to the CLIENT.

LVC specialises in data recovery from storage media only. LVC does not repair Computer systems or faulty HDD's.

LVC will not omit VAT or give VAT discounts for any form of payment received.

We do not supply fraudulent insurance reports and or invoices.

Any property left with LVC unclaimed for 90 days, will be disposed of.

LVC's working hours are Monday to Friday from 08H00 to 17H00.


LVC regards the e-mail address given by the CLIENT as a valid communication medium between LVC and the CLIENT. Should the CLIENT not have e-mail facilities the CLIENT should provide a fax number and indicate that an alternative communication medium is to be used. LVC will contact the CLIENT to inform him/her on the final outcome of a data recovery task. The CLIENT may contact LVC during the recovery period for status updates.

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