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Clean Rooms in the Data Recovery environment.

We are sure the words “Class 100 Clean Room” is almost synonymous with the word “Data Recovery”. We would like to explain the importance and purpose of a Class 100 Clean Room in the Data Recovery environment.

What is a Class 100 Clean Room?

A Clean Room is an environment that is free of dust and other molecules drifting around in the air. The classification “Class 100” means there are less than a hundred molecules with a size smaller than 0.5 Micron per one cubic foot of air. Other classifications do exist but due to the architecture of a Hard Disk Drive unit, Class 100 (ISO 5) is adequate to open Hard Disk Drive units.

What is a “Micron”?

Micron is a measuring unit much like millimeters only smaller. An average human hair varies in thickness from 100 to 300 micron and Smoke particles measure around 5 Micron.

Why should Hard Disk Drives only be opened in a Clean Room?

When a Hard Disk Drive is not spinning the read/write heads resides either on the park zone (A lubricated piece of the platter) or in the head cradle (outside the drive platter). Once the drive starts spinning and reaches its operational speed. (Mostly 5400 or 7200 RPM) the read/write heads move out of their “resting” place onto the drive platter. The air produced by the turning platter cause the read/write heads to float about 2 (Yes Two!) Micron above the platter. The heads may not touch the platter during operation as this will result in a “Head Crash”.

English Please?

To put the above explanation into perspective and to make it understandable we have to blow things a bit (make it bigger) Lets enlarge to components of the Hard Disk Drive to Common objects we understand. If we enlarge the read/write heads to the size of a Boeing 474 this would be the proportions. The above dimensions are similar to a Boeing 747, traveling at the speed of Mach Two (2450.88 KM/H) at an altitude of 1.5mm of the ground!

With a smoke particle being 5 Micron in size and the heads fling at only 2 micron of the platter, the smoke particle will be equivalent to a mountain. One fingerprint on the drive platter looks like the sand dunes in the Namib Desert thru our microscopes and can destroy a drive head instantly.

Why can I touch a DVD Disc and not a Hard Disk Drive Platter?

One DVD disk stores 4.7 GB (Gigabyte) of Data. The same size disk in the modern Hard Disk Drive stores 500 GB. That means that one Hard Disk Platter is equal to 106 DVD’s! It is understandable that the Hard Disk Drive Platter is much more sensitive and fragile compared to a DVD.

Why should I care about Clean Rooms

The air in a Clean Roon eviroment is filtered thru HEPA filters and “Pre” filters. These filters can get blocked, torn or sometimes leak dirty air into the clean room environment. It is thus necessary to take a particle count in the Clean Room regularly to ensure the Class 100 Cleanroom is maintained.


Do not open you Hard Disk Drive if it contains valuable information! Opening a HDD drastically reduces the chances to perform Data Recovery. Our Data Recovery Engineers wear protective clothing such as cloves, masks and Bouffant’s to ensure that no human elements come into contact with the Hard Disk Drive platter surface. One cough, sneeze, hair or fingerprint can eliminate the chance to Recover Data.

If you Hard Disk Drive contain valuable information, call LVC Data Recovery on 0861 100 600.

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