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LVC Data Recovery started operations on the 1st of January 2004. LVC Data Recovery has evolved into a leading Data Recovery company in South Africa at present.

Since October 2012 LVC Data Recovery has grown under new management who have brought new and innovating recovery methods to the Data recovery industry, leading to hard-drive recoveries that were not possible before.

LVC Data Recovery specializes in the retrieval of data from computer hard disk drives, cell phones, CDs, USB memory and other media storage units. We receives hard disk drives nation wide including our neighboring countries. LVC offers a free collection service nation wide.

We are a high-tech team of professionals specializing in recovering data lost on hard drives due to various circumstances.

At LVC we do not take chances with your data!

LVC Data Recovery owns some of the most advanced data recovery equipment and tools currently available on the international market. At LVC we also developed our own equipment that enables us to recover data from many situations that were previously declared unrecoverable. This equipment has been sold to various data recovery companies abroad.

The combination of quick response, friendly service and reasonable rates puts us far ahead in this highly specialized field. The recovery procedures in many circumstances necessitates a complete dust free environment and the availability of a Class 100 Clean Room is of extreme importance. As such we use our own in house Class 100 cleanroom for our mechanical repairs of hard drives.


LVC Data Recovery can retrieve data from mechanically failed hard disk drives and other storage media including Server configured in RAID that cannot be accessed in the normal way. LVC can assist in various circumstances of hard disk drive failure, this includes: Hard disk drives not detecting in the computer BIOS, drive exposed to fire, water or severe shock.

Operational Procedure:

LVC Data Recovery has procedures in place to maintain the integrity of digital evidence. LVC technicians make sure that no changes occur to data housed by a computer or storage media which may subsequently be relied upon in court.

At LVC an accurate record of all processes applied to computer based electronic evidence are created and preserved. An independent third party should be able to examine those processes and achieve the same result. The head engineer at LVC has SAPS Security Clearance for “sensitive” cases and criminal investigations.

Please contact us should you require any further information on 0861 100 600

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If the data lost is valuable to you please consider the following:

Many companies advertise data recovery services, but only a small percentage have the necessary equipment, or expertise and few follow the correct procedures. How can you be certain who to turn to? One way is to request a valid Class 100 Clean Room certificate.

Submitting your hard disk drive to inexperienced companies, computer sales or repair outlets can cause your data / hard disk drive to become totally unrecoverable.

Never install or copy any data to a drive that you suspect may be failing, not even recovered data. This would drastically decrease the chances of finding data still absent after a soft recovery has been performed.

And lastly. Do not despair if IT consultants declare your drive to be unrecoverable. The probability are they do not want you to consider another company being superior than they are. We have recovered numerous drives that were affirmed to be unrecoverable.

In the situation where data is unrecoverable we have a No Recovery No Charge policy.

When you need to send your Drives to us, do as follows:

  • Take your Hard Disk Drive out of your PC. For a step-by-step guide on how to remove your drive –Click Here.
  • In case you need to remove the drive from a Laptop/Notebook, it is advised that you take it to your nearest Computer Technician to ensure proper removal of the drive.
  • Handle the Hard Disk Drive with absolute care – ‘Fragile’.
  • Wrap the Hard Disk Drive in bubble wrap or anything that will make it ‘Shock-proof’.
  • Properly mark your parcel with all your details, as well as ours.

LVC Data Recovery provides a free Hard Disk Drive collection service nationally on pre approved Hard Disk Drives. Delivery times vary from one to two business days. Give LVC a call on 0861 100 600. Office hours are Monday to Friday 08H00 to 17H00.

Data Recovery Services – Enquire Today

If you have been working on a project and suddenly experience disc or hard drive failure, it can be quite frustrating. Data recovery is a service offered by LVC Data Recovery where documents and files can be retrieved from drives that may be corrupt or damaged.

Cost Effective and Professional File Recovery Services

If you have ever lost information and data on your computer then you will be quite familiar with the frustration involved. Having professional file recovery carried out can be quite a costly experience but not if you turn to the helpful and cost effective services of LVC Data Recovery. While this company is situated in Gauteng it actually offers its services across the whole of South Africa. This is made possible by making use of PostNet to send your hard drive to them for servicing.

Lost Important Documentation? Obtain Professional Hard Drive Recovery Services Today

There are many reasons that could lead to data, documentation and files being lost on your computer’s hard drive. Trying to recover this data is often a frustrating and costly procedure. Hard drive recovery is carried out when data is lost and should only be done by experienced and qualified personnel. By talking to the specialists at LVC Data Recovery you can obtain valuable information on how exactly this process is carried out.

Computer data recovery services

Whatever the amount of data you have lost, be it from a commercial set up or simply a home based computer, we offer unsurpassed computer data recovery services, designed to get you fully operational as quickly as possible.

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